Meet Our New Writers!
We are pleased to announce that we now have a new team of highly trained ninjas... [gallery link="file" orderby="rand"]

Krista Mercado     Manila, Philippines

Krista is currently Chief of Staff of the 16th Congress at the Philippine House of Representatives, she will be our Political Correspondent in Manila. She is also known as “wander girl” as she is a very passionate globetrotter. She will have a Travel & Leisure column to share her learnings on vast cultures in different parts of the world.

Lisa Chin     New York City

Lisa Chin is a Senior Creative Interactive Art Director at SNAP Interactive in Manhattan New York.  Raised in Brooklyn and now a married mother of two humans and one dog, she enjoys spending her time keeping her undiagnosed ADHD and OCD in check between work, the internet, writing, art, exercise and play.  She hopes her small efforts will make the world better one smile at a time.

Ellen Lee     New York City

Despite having lived in Brooklyn since 2001, Ellen Lee still cannot get over how awe-inspiring each day is in New York City.  She continues to be amazed at the diversity and wealth of experiences the city has to offer, be it in cultural, culinary, visual or humanistic.  She seeks out adventure daily, often in the areas of music and food, preferring to walk instead of riding the subway whenever possible.  She often has a sandwich in her hand.Ellen is proud to call herself Taiwanese-American, hailing originally from the suburbs of New Jersey.  She can be found online in the usual places under her pseudonym, Qbertplaya, so feel free to holla at her.

Jennifer Sorika    New York City

Jennifer Sorika is a Filipino/Cambodian actress and screenwriter based in NYC by way of Quebec City, Canada. She has appeared in several television shows and movies, such as One Life To Live and Golden Boy and most recently Black Nativity (as Sorika Horng).  She has also produced and written numerous sketches, TV pilots and is currently working the webseries “Stooped”. Jennifer studied Language and Literature in Quebec and then rounded up her writing skills by studying sketch writing at UCB. Because that made sense. She is thrilled to bring her voice and weird take on the world to Wika Mag and hopes that she doesn’t get fired for her inclination to use the word ‘poop’. VIDEO REEL [video id="" site="youtube"][/video]

Ethan Dante Bello    New York City

Ethan Dante Bello is a writer, born and raised in south Brooklyn, where he still resides. He is a graduate of the New School for Public Engagement, out of the Riggio Honors Program, and was the music editor for the 2012/13 edition of *12th Street Literary Magazine*. Though fiction is his primary passion, he loves to write about music, movies, television, and traveling.
Side Note: Ethan once appeared on ABC's What Would You Do?, which aired on 5/20/10, at El Greco restaurant located in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn. In this episode a rude and obnoxious waiter decides to voice his opinion on Gay Marriage and raising children with same sex parents...Ethan gives him a piece of his mind.
[video id="" site="youtube"][/video]