Philippine Culture Festival, Stockholm: The Very Best of Philippine Culture

More proof that we are indeed in a period of Philippine Global Renaissance

Given the amalgamation of cultural influences found in the Philippines, “Filipinoness” is quite hard to pin down. However, once a Filipino has found his or her way in foreign shores, there’s always the need to be reminded of home and forge a more solid sense of identity. Hospitality, friendliness, a laid back attitude are some positive traits often associated with Filipinos. Unfortunately, there are also negative attributes that circulate: forgetfulness over the wrongs done by politicians and gullibility, just to name a few. However, it’s great to see that our countrymen overseas make an effort to find platforms to remain Filipinos of what’s good and positive -- in the highest form possible. Take, for example, the first Philippine Culture Festival in Stockholm, Sweden. Organized and founded by Ms. Rachel Hansen, the publisher of Roots and Wings Magazine, a publication dedicated to Filipinos in Europe, the festival aims to showcase the very best of Filipino talent and culture in its highest form. The festival, which will be held this coming September 16 to 21, showcases an array of cultural activities. “Of all the things,” a romantic comedy, and “Captive,” directed by famed auteur Brillante Mendoza are the two selections for this year’s film festival. There will also be a charity concert featuring the very talented Armela Fortuna from France and Aries Caces from Vienna. Renowned painter, Hermes Alegre, will also mount an exhibit for the festival. Having such a festival, aside from keeping Filipinos in the loop when it comes to the happenings about the country, shows a more refined side of the Filipino people. It’s a great way of educating those in other countries about what the Philippines has to offer as well.