Niccolo Cosme's "Resplendor: The Blinding Light"
It was a mass-like feel. One by one, people spoke, speeches at the ready. We walked into the Philippine Consulate, Friday, August 31st , to a room filled with a variety of folks. From ardent supporters, non-profit groups and those that just wanted to see what the event was about, people flocked to see the work of one Niccolo Cosme, artist and activist, who is making a name for himself as one of the more respected people in the field of Philippine photography. Resplendor is of Cosme's collection of conceptual photographs, aptly described as "images from Christian iconography with messages on HIV and AIDS." Together with APICHA Community Health Center, the goal is to bring awareness to the problems involving HIV and AIDS, particularly in the overseas Filipino community and OFWs around the world. Niccolo Cosme, for his part, is a celebrated advocate that has had his work seen 'in the Philippines at the House of Representatives, the Department of Foreign Affairs, the Asian Institute of Management, and at various events supported by the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS). Three photographs from the Resplendor collection have been exhibited at the UN regional center in Bangkok, Thailand.' Check out some of the photos after the jump.     (Info Source)