ICYMI: VICE on HBO's Pilot Episode on "Assassination Nation"
If you guys missed the incredible new joint project Vice Media has done with HBO, they've been gracious enough to have uploaded the entire season online, much to the delight of those who do not have an HBO subscription. On and YouTube, Shane Smith and company filmed the first 10 episodes for their new investigative journalism half-hour, starting with the pilot episode that featured the nature of Philippine politics and its intense blood sport-like tendencies. It's been a very interesting first season. Vice covered the beginning and significant signs of global warming in the Maldives and Venice, China's ghost towns and its direct impact to our economy here in the US, and the potential dangers of the tension between India and Pakistan. Among other things. All this for the show simply entitled VICE.  Check out the premiere episode below, as well as the rest of Season One via the above links. Oh by the way, one of the most notable episodes was actually the season finale, which shows that it was actually Vice who came up with the idea to bring Dennis Rodman to North Korea. You guys can go ahead and thank them for potentially escalating our already-strained relations with Kim Jong Un. Just kidding, Vice.