AMC's Breaking Bad: Recap & Review-Season 5, Episode 15

As a part of a review series, here is the latest installment for our take on last night's Breaking Bad, setting up next week's FINALE.

**As always... ALERT! SPOILERS BELOW!  [slideshow id = 79] Sunday night’s episode of Breaking Bad, entitled “Granite State,” did everything it needed to in order to set up for a supreme series finale. To discuss this episode would be like dissecting a corpse of a loved one. Along with next week’s episode, “Granite State” was 75-minutes long, and pact with so much change and growth that it would be best to analyze each character’s individual place, rather than look at the grand scope of things. Jesse cannot catch a break. After being imprisoned, treated like an animal, or worse, he had to watch the only girl left in his life, Andrea, be shot by Todd, who was taking revenge on Jesse for his botched escape. Jesse’s fate is the most mysterious, as it stands right now. Whether or not he attempts another break out, allows himself to work as a slave to the neo-Nazi clan, or gets killed in the process remains to be seen. Todd also struck fear in Skyler by threatening her kids should she spill the beans on Lydia and her operation. With no other options, Skyler struggles to keep her name clean, and cooperate with the police. After a phone-call from his father in the principal office of his school, Walt Jr. had a breakdown. He finally told-off Walt and solidified the breaking of his loyalty to his father. Along with Walt, Saul has paid his way to a new life. This could mean the end of Saul in Breaking Bad, but fear not, it has already been announced that AMC will air a new spin-off focusing on Saul. Little has been revealed about the series, but one would think it would either detail his time before meeting Walt and Jesse, or the progression of what happens to him, and his new life, after this is all said and done. Finally, Walt was put in a Thoreau-esque situation, though he’s less concentrated on “Civil Disobedience,” and more concerned with plotting his revenge on uncle Jack and his cronies. Walt was nearly captured by the police in a small-town bar in New Hampshire after dialing them, revealing his identity, and leaving the phone off the hook. But after seeing the reaction of his old friends at Grey Matter, he eventually changed his mind, leaving nothing for the cops to find except a half-drunken glass of whiskey. It seems fairly obvious now that the opening segments of Episodes One & Nine are ready to play out. The ricin and machine gun will undoubtedly make their long-awaited appearance on next week’s episode, the series finale. As for a conclusion to all this, the only thing that can be said is that Breaking Bad shows no signs of failing to produce a heart-stopping ending. Too many pieces are at play. It will be difficult to cope with the weeks that follow, but this winter will come in with the fate of Walter White finally revealed. [Photo Credits]