AMC's Breaking Bad: Recap & Review - Season 5, Episode 14

ALERT!!! Tonight's Recap of Breaking Bad Comes with Spoilers!

[slideshow id = 77] If you were able to get through this week’s episode in one sitting, appropriately entitled “Ozymandias,” you should be commended. It was, without a single doubt, the most intense episode of Breaking Bad ever. As per usual, everything below will be one big spoiler alert, so if you haven’t watched it—and it is strongly suggested that you do right now—please stop reading. Hank is dead. Gomez is dead too, but we all saw that coming. What makes the writers of the show so brilliant is that any regular viewer thought they figured it out: from the first episode of the season until the last, it would be Hank vs. Walt for the final showdown. Now, with only two episodes left, Walt’s long-time nemesis has died by gunshot to the head at the hands of neo-Nazi, and all around bad guy, uncle Jack. Jack and his cronies subsequently stole all of Walt’s money, leaving him a single barrel worth about eleven million dollars. Jesse has been kidnapped by Todd and his uncle, and is seen later in the episode as a prisoner in their laboratory and forced to cook meth to keep himself alive. Why Jack needs Jesse to continue to cook isn’t really known. Apparently, seventy million dollars isn’t enough to call it quits in the meth game. The hardest part of the episode to watch—aside from Hank’s death—was Walt’s “final” tiff with his family. Everything is out in the open. Walt Jr. now knows about his father’s secret life. When Jr. and Skyler went home to find Walt there, packing their things in an effort to make a run for it, Skyler pulled a knife on him, which turned into a brief wrestle between Walt, Jr., and Skyler White. Walt made a run for it out of the house, but not before kidnapping his own daughter, Holly. If you didn’t already hate Walter White, hopefully you do now. Oh yeah, and, right before being taken away by Jack, Walter revealed to Jesse that he watched the love of his life, Jane, die, and that he could've saved her but chose not to. The episode ended with Walt leaving Holly in a fire truck with a note taped to her chest. He then orders himself a new life via Saul’s mysterious connection, and is finally seen sitting shotgun in a van, with his barrel of money in the back, before driving off. It is difficult to predict what would come out of all this. It seemed fairly obvious that Walter would use the ricin, as well as the machine gun, on his brother-in-law, however we now know that isn’t the case. Knowing Walter and his insatiable greed, he could disappear for a while, only to want back the rest of his money. The machine gun could be used to go after Jack and his cronies; the ricin could be used on Jesse, or even Jr. or Skylar. Jesse isn’t stupid. If he all of a sudden experienced ricin-like symptoms, he’d know immediately what was going on. Jr. and Skyler, however, don’t know anything about ricin, and if you thought Walt would never want to kill his family, this episode dismissed that notion when Walt held the knife to his wife and son, and later told Skyler on the phone not to ever cross him. We now have an understanding as to the two perplexing openers from episodes one and nine of this season. Walter may have paid his way out of it, but he’s not done yet. [Photo Credit: Ursula Coyote/AMC]