AMC's Breaking Bad: Recap & Review - Season 5, Episode 11

There has never been any shortage of tension on Breaking Bad, and the same goes for the fifth and final season. Episode eleven, entitled “Confessions” offers not one, but two moments of jaw-dropping twists.

*SPOILER ALERT! If you have not watched the episode, do not read further.

[slideshow id = 70] The episode opens with Todd and his two uncles discussing the train heist that occurred several episodes back. They were eating at a diner after killing off a group of drug lords, which took place in episode ten. Little is revealed about this opener, however, as past shows suggest, it will take place later in the season. The Walt vs. Hank saga continues as the two couples meet over an awkward dinner. Hank threatens Walt, claiming there to be no way out of this situation other than his inevitable arrest. However, Walt leaves the table after plopping down his “confession” tape. When Hank gets home, he and Marie watch the tape, which turns out to be an even bigger threat. Just when there seemed no hope for Walt, he comes back with the twist of the season. In the video, Walt confesses to his crimes, however he paints a vivid lie, claiming that Hank was behind the operation the whole time. The wildest part about the confession is that it makes perfect sense. The piece that makes the whole lie work was Walt’s payoff for Hank’s medical bills after his run-in with the cartel brothers. The second twist occurs between Jesse and Walt, in yet another awkward scene. Walt advises Jesse to buy a new identity for himself and leave Albuquerque behind. Jesse quickly figures out that Walt’s advice is merely a ploy to keep him from going to the DEA. The awkwardness occurs after Jesse pleas Walter to for honesty. Walter gives Jesse an uncomfortable forced hug. Nevertheless, Jesse takes Walter’s advice and has Saul order his new life. However, while the van approaches to take Jesse away, he has an epiphany and realizes that Walt had Saul steal the ricin from his cigarette case. After beating the truth out of Saul, the episode ends with Jesse breaking into Walt’s home, throwing a huge bottle of gasoline in a dramatic tirade. Aside from Walt’s instant classic line “I suggest you tread lightly” in episode nine, “Confessions” was, at this point, the best episode of the season. Fans of Jesse have watched him fall apart completely, and it has all been at the hands of Walt, though Jesse has not been aware. Though he does not know about Walt killing Jane, at least not yet, it was beautiful to see Jesse finally learn the truth about Mike and Brock, and for him to take his well-deserved vengeance. The episode ends with Jesse spreading the gasoline around the house, we have yet to see him light it. Though Walt’s home was tarnished in the flash-forward two seasons ago, it did not seem burnt. So, one must think that someone or something prevents Jesse from lighting the gas. If Walt intervenes, how will the interaction play out? Unless Walt kills Jesse, Jesse still has the higher ground in the situation. He could still go to Hank and confess everything, ensuring Walt’s conviction. It remains to be seen, but Walt will now have to deal with both Jesse and Hank,who are both looking to bring him down. One would think that Jesse and Hank could potentially drop their past issues and team up to destroy their common foe. What do you guys think? Send in your comments or reactions!