First Official Trailer for "Linsanity"

Evan Jackson Leong took to crowdfunding for 'Linsanity,' and the story became bigger than anyone expected.

Society is so forgetful nowadays. I bet you don't even remember what you had for breakfast. In this fast-paced social media-driven generation, we often take the present for granted, always looking forward to what's next, and in turn we've become desensitized from experiencing the "now" fully - our attention spans reduced to mere moments, and we miss out on the beauty life is unveiling for us every day, every second. But there is something about time. The timing for greatness, when a great story unveils itself in the most inopportune and unexpected time. It was a lockout season. The Knicks were struggling, and they had no idea what they had in the NBA sophomore they just signed to a 10-day contract. Linsanity was just here. We just lived it, not too long ago. I'm sure you already forgot.
It wasn't that long ago that Jeremy Lin was at Harvard. As an intern for an NBA magazine, I remember hearing about him from my buddy and Filipino brother Gerald Narciso, who wrote a story on this Asian-American point guard from Palo Alto, California. It wasn't that long ago that he went undrafted, got cut by the Warriors and the Rockets, and then ended up in New York, where he once taped his visit as a rookie. It wasn't that long ago that Lin played for the Knicks, and the city fell in love with maybe the greatest sports story since 'Miracle'. (It was so recent, I almost forgot that I wrote about his departure and it's impact on New York two days later.) He was more than an overnight sensation -- Lin was a tidal wave that hit the sports world on February 4, 2012.  He was talked about on Letterman, Lin T-Shirts were being made and were selling out, and even after his time in New York, 60 Minutes still made a piece on him. The documentary, on the other hand, was a totally different story. The project began for Evan Leong way before Jeremy was who he is now. Below, Evan explains how they have tried to pursue Jeremy and initially have failed over and over to convince him to do the doc, and how they eventually got him to say yes. The pursuit proved fruitful, and now, the movie is almost here. Thanks to Kickstarter, the documentary reached their funding goal of $117,000 -- and then some. 2, 102 backers later, Leong and his crew had $167, 916 for a budget. The theatrical release for LINSANITY is set for October 4 in major US Cities. Catch the first official trailer below for the movie: For more info, check out: